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Sep 11, 2012 12:00am EDT
announced that karzai is quietly negotiating with the members of the taliban to get them to the negotiating table. then some commander from the taliban will say that is nonsense. part of that obfuscation, part of that confusion is delivered on the part of the tall ban. it is absolutely true that the u.s. primarily working through afghanistan and karzai in afghanistan are trying to get to the taliban in the table. the administration would like to be able to do that because some in the circle who believe without the taliban's participation in the negotiations we can't have a particularly tidy exit in 2014. melissa: yeah. on this show we say at the end of the day it is always about money. of course that is what the taliban is talking about here. they want cash in return for whatever else. can they be trusted at all? can you make a deal and expect it to be honored? >> short answer is no. long answer is no. no surprise. i'm not a buyer on afghanistan and idea we've been there for this long. when you talk about return on investment, and, i'm a partner in a mid-sized company at this po
Sep 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
. >> president karzai has long-demanded that afghanistan take control of the prison. it would have a significant bearing on long-term afghan-u.s. relations. it was handed over at this ceremony. afghan officials calling it a proud day and a victory. the americans maintaining that bagram had played its part in securing the future of the country ? we transferred more than 3,000 afghan detainees into your country and assured those who would threaten the partnership of afghanistan and coalition forces would not return to the battlefield. >> but even as the handover was taking place, there were still disagreements over the fate of hundreds of inmates and over the interpretation of the them ran dem off understanding between the u.s. and afghanistan authorities. the u.s. still want to be able to conduct their own interrogations. >> they don't quite trust them to hold the high valuable targets because of concerns about corruption, detainees escaping and whether they'll get the adequate guarantees they won't face the risk of torture in the afghan facilities. >> it's a key underlying problem as
Sep 20, 2012 6:00am PDT
. and afghan president hamid karzai was unhappy that u.s. and taliban negotiators have met without members of his government. then u.s. special envoy mark grossmont presented a new condition. the u.s. wanted the taliban to issue a statement, saying it would cut ties to al qaeda and negotiate with the karzai administration. >> translator: al qaeda has no presence in afghanistan, nor have we brought al qaeda to afghanistan. we have no link with it. >> reporter: but the new u.s. condition proved to be a sticking point. so taliban negotiators opposed the idea of opening a dialogue with the karzai administration. >> we, the islamic community of afghanistan, will talk with the united states about ending the occupation of afghanistan. it is not in the power of the kabul administration. >> reporter: taliban members decided in march this year to suspend their talks with u.s. negotiators. >> translator: from different channels, indirect approaches were there, but they were not fruitful, so we suspended the talks from our side. confidence-building measures must be taken to end fighting. i've
Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm PDT
president hamid karzai was unhappy that u.s. and taliban negotiators have met without members of his government. then u.s. special envoy mark grossman presented a new condition. the u.s. wanted the taliban to issue a statement saying it would cut ties to al qaeda an negotiate with the karzai administration. >> translator: al qaeda has no presence in afghanistan, nor have we brought al qaeda to afghanistan. we have no link with it. >> reporter: but the new u.s. condition proved to be a sticking point. the taliban's negotiators opposed the idea of opening a dialogue with the karzai administration. >>he islamic comnityf afghanistan will talk with the united states about ending the occupation of afghanistan. it is not in the power of the kabul administration. >> reporter: taliban members decided in march this year to suspend their talks with u.s. negotiators. >> translator: from different channels in direct approaches were there, but they were not fruitful. so we suspended the talks from our side. confidence-building measures must be taken to end fighting. i've already said that this war
Sep 18, 2012 9:00am EDT
refugee afghan populations like italy, germany, iran and the u.s. .. selection of hamid karzai to leave afghanistan had come as the core of this consensus, a u.s. air on the understanding in which he was very influential, and for which jim dobbins, my former colleague and friend deserves enormous credit. during those pre-attack discussion's coming and you remember the war began in early october, iranian threat was what do you need to know to knock their blocks off? you want the map? here's the map. you want to know where we think there weak points are? here coming here and here. you want to know how we think they're going to react to a campaign? you want to know how we think the northern alliance will be a? ask us. we've got the answers. we've been working with those guys for years. this was an unprecedented period since the revolution of, again, a u.s.-iranian dialogue on an issue we had a common interest and common cause. and as i said, it was our cooperation, and i don't mean to diminish or minimize that of other actors. i've already mentioned the united nations, but the entire inter
Sep 10, 2012 5:30pm EDT
of this? >> president karzai wants to have the leverage to be able to let some of these individuals go, to catalyze potential negotiations. he sees these inmates as a key bargaining chip, a way to build trust and confidence, and to do a deal on his own terms and not have the united states and other players essentially dictating terms for him. >> is a coherent enough group that you can actually say that you will negotiate with senior talent and leadership in order to have some transition? >> there are factions that karzai thinks he can work with. there is no grand deal to be had. it is debatable whether senior taliban leaders really want to do a deal right now or whether they think they can just hold on for a few more years until the americans and their nato allies are largely out of afghanistan. in which case, they can continue their campaign to take over the country. >> do you have a reading on whether there is a political transition to be had? >> the odds are very slim that we will see any kind of meaningful peace deal in the next few years. it will happen after 2014, after conven
Sep 13, 2012 6:00am PDT
. >>> afghan president ahmed wali karzai is making changes to his schedule because of the determine oil over the movie. president car ahmed wali karzai -- president ahmed wali karzai was scheduled to meet but his trip is postponed for a later date and he needs to stay home because of what is happening in nearby countries. >>> tuesday night's attack on the american consulate, all u.s. personnel are being evacuated from benghazi libya. the bodies of the four people killed will be sent to germany before they will be brought here to the united states. they have been serving in libya as an american ambassador since may. he was remembered by his fraternity brothers and he graduated from berkeley in 1982, earlier we spoke to a resident who met with stevens just before he left for libya. >> there were four who lost their lives and that's a big loss to us. we are a very small organization and there are only 16,000 american diplomats and a loss of four is a big loss for all of us. >> now steven's mother is now preparing to fly to washington d.c. to wait for the arrival of her son. >>> a female student
Sep 10, 2012 9:00am PDT
signed back in march between president karzai and the united states about handing over control, but as of march the u.s. has arrested something, like, 1,600 prisoners. they have been detained, and they are still under the control of the united states as well. so it's actually a few more than just the 34 that we have mentioned, but, yes, they will still be staying at baghram prison. >> tell the significance of this particular prison because i understand it is the same place where you had hundreds of korans that were actually burned earlier in the year by u.s. troops, and that really set off a lot of violent protests against the u.s. military inside of afghanistan. >> reporter: yeah, definitely. this is a prison that has a long history. there were allegations of torture many years ago at the start of the occupation of afghanistan, but certainly it has -- it has cleaned up its act. after abu grab, they've cleaned up their act wrush there haven't been allegations of torture, suzanne. >> and how important is this to the karzai government, to hamid karzai who essentially is trying to get som
Sep 17, 2012 12:00pm EDT
discussions led to the bahn conference and the selection of hamid karzai to leave afghanistan had to a u.s.- korean decision for which data -- for which jim tom bentz, i for colleague and friend -- jim dobbins, a former colleague and friend deserves credit, the jury knows pre-attack discussions -- you remember the air war began in early october, the iranian thrust was what do you need to know to knock their blocks of? you want the order of battle? here is the map. you want to know where we think there week pouring its are, hear, hear, hear. want to know how they're going to react to let air campaign? do you want to know how the no. alliance will be saved? ask us. we have been working with them for years. this was an unprecedented time since the revolution. a u.s.-iranian dialogue on a particular issue where we very much had common interest and common cause. it was our cooperation, and i don't mean to diminish or minimize that of other actors. i've already mentioned the united nations, but the entire international community rallied a around the composition of the afghan interim author
Sep 13, 2012 12:00pm EDT
want to go live here. anna, first of all, president karzai did a couple of things to try to quell the possibility of violence there. he cut off access to youtube. everybody noticed that. and then also denounced the film that is considered very offensive to muslims. has that worked? >> reporter: i think the general afghany population are not yet aware of this video, which is quite interesting, considering we are seeing this unrest unfold throughout libya, egypt and now yemen. but there is real concern that this could develop into real protests here tomorrow after friday prayers. and that's, of course, when the muslims go to the mosques and the imams. some may talk about this video, some may talk about the unrest that is unfolding. and from there we could see a wave of protests. now, the reason there is such great concern in afghanistan about what could take place tomorrow is because of what took place last year back in march when pastor terry jones burnt the koran. as a result of that violence really sparked across the country. seven u.n. workers were killed, six civilians were also ki
FOX News
Sep 12, 2012 10:00pm EDT
how much karzai fears the taliban when under the obama administration policy, the american troops that are keeping karzai in office, sphear from his country. so this is a strategic moment for the united states from across the broader middle-east f. we don't stand up here for our interest and our values, we will see our interest and our values trashed all over the place. let's just take egypt and libya for a minute. the governments of those countries failed in their fundamental responsibility to prec our diplomats and our embassy, yet there is no word from the president on that failure. it leads to the issue whether libya elements in the libyan and egyptian governments were not compliceit in these actions. >> greta: we are continuing to watch the pictures. you can't take your eyes off them and the very sad news, ambassador stevens was the u.s. envoy to the opposition in libbia. only four months ago, he was appointed ambassador to libya. he recorded this staiment state department video. >> my name is chris stevens, i am the new u.s. ambassador to libiasm i am in washington, preparing for
Sep 13, 2012 3:00pm EDT
afghanistan. that's because of president karzai's actions to try to stop the possibility of violence there. he cut off access to youtube and denounced the film that muslims consider offensive. but is that enough? for insight on how the u.s. is preparing for possible protests in kabul, ana corin sat down. >> there are concerns about u.s. consulates around the world. here in kabul you are obviously a target. are you worried? >> we're always worried every day. every day we get new information about new possible threats, our security posture's continually under review. but i'm not anymore particularly worried after this incident. we have great people here. and a great system to keep us safe. >> ambassador, the video that sparked the protests in libya and egypt could very well create unrest here in afghanistan. that's obviously a major concern for president karzai. do you share the same concerns? >> yes, absolutely. as a matter of fact, we are -- after this, i'm going to be issuing a statement condemning the video and the violence that's taken place already and urging the people of afghanistan
Sep 24, 2012 8:30am EDT
have been made by you, indeed, by other members of your department to bring home to president karzai the fact that these incidents when they occur have a very considerable impact on public opinion in this country as reflected, if i may say so, in some of the observations made yesterday by members of parliament on all sides of the house, some rather optimistic about bringing the troops home by christmas? but there's clearly an impact on public opinion. what representations have you made to president karzai about that? >> well, i think that is a -- of course, there is an impact. the defense secretary in particular has recently discussed this with president karzai in recent days. but such attacks are not under president karzai's control. president karzai is as much opposed to them as anybody, of course, and is fully in favor of the measures that we are taking to mitigate the risks. so i think that the impact on public opinion is understood in afghanistan. now, that, of course, is what our points intend. -- our opponents intend. that is what the taliban intend. and so it's very important
FOX News
Sep 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
speaking with afghan president hamid karzai this morning. >> we have to continue to work to make sure that pursuant to those agreements, we continue to contain those that are a threat to their country. he accepted that and expressed willingness to continue to work with us. >> it cost $60 million to whether i would and it has a troubled past, including abu ghraib type of abuse to prisoners. karzai called the transfer a victory. innocents will be freed and rest will be sentenced according to laws of afghanistan. u.s. military at the last moment decided to keep over dozen of al-qaeda and taliban link prisoners amid concerns that many prisoners will be released. >> it was destined to happen sooner or later. is there a perfect point in time? i don't think there is a perfect point in time. they are as ready as they will be. the inspeckor general is track funds intended for fuel for the afghan army. the record from 2007 to 2011 for the aid was shredded. funding levels unless the fuel requirement are developed and effective control incity tuteed prior to transition date will vuller in to believe w
Sep 13, 2012 5:00am PDT
u.s. they shut down the website in afghanistan. ahmed wali karzai blasted the film where they call mohammed a religious fake. you tube falls within its guidelines but you tube has restricted access to anybody in libya egypt. >>> reverend jesse jackson is involved in the teacher's strike where they don't have the same urgency as protesters. >> this strike is now four days old and the sticking points, they are teaching evaluations based on students' test scores. they both met trying to reach some sort of common ground and this is forcing 350,000 public school kids to stay home. >>> they have approved an across the bored pay cut for employees. it means the college will not have to lay off workers. 70 positions will be eliminated through attrition and 650 classes will be cut. they are expected to save the school about $6 million a year. >>> ago sister are studying how private shuttles they stayed in the zone for a minute each stop and that can put muni lines behind schedule. they said it affects the contract with private shuttles. >>> a man accused of raping a san jose girl and holding
Sep 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
found that president hamid karzai as root problems. two of his top ministers have been sacked. no one knows who will come after him. yet he remains grimly optimistic. >> we will have an election -- a free and fair election. if that happens, a fair and free election, the country will be in good hands. >> but that is a pretty big "if." >> i think it's clear that the political structures are more fragile than the military that is being built up. the afghan forces are becoming effective, competent, and some of the political structures are lagging. >> despite the anxiety about a growing political vacuum here, the real problem is that the afghan army simply will not be able to get rid of the taliban altogether without american and british help. that means that the civil war here could simply drag on and on and on. bbc news, kabul. >> you're watching "bbc world news america." the income gap between america's richest and poorest hit a new high. we featured guests who are trying to make the war on poverty a top priority. india's supreme court has rejected a demand by anti- nuclear proteste
Sep 16, 2012 11:35pm EDT
mistook them for insurgents. president karzai issued a statement condemning the attack and he will investigate. >> the leader of the 11 non militant group is making a plea to protesters are bridge over a militant islam film. he is calling for more demonstrations against the u.s. film maker whom the insult for made against the prophet mohammed. he ordered the mostly islamic youth to not only expressed anger at u.s. embassies, but are urging leaders to act. he wants an international law making it illegal to attack any divine religions. closer to home as the chicago teachers strike enters its sixth day, from the manual says he is taking action to immediately and the work stoppage. emmanuel says that he has asked them to file a city in junction. the contract settlement was worked out over the weekend in the nation's third largest school district. schools will remain closed tomorrow. a silver lining for baltimore sports fans today. one half of the muscle on russell street pulled out the win. it was like a stampede at the maryland zoo. why hundreds were running wild. >> comfortable tempe
Sep 13, 2012 12:00pm PDT
quiet protest. afghanistan's ministry of communications shut down the website. hamid karzai blasted the film that reportedly calls the islamic prophet muhammad a religious fate. the u.s. says it will stay on the website but has restricted something toes to -- restricted access to anyone in libya and the middle east. >>> have i a pool here -- i have a pool here. somebody could drown. >>> mark tamayo is up soon -- is up soon to tell you which bay area cities will warm up. >>> about the dangers of smoking. gradually, tobacco took not just my health, but my dreams. [ inhales deeply ] think about what tobacco is taking from you. quit now, before it's too late. [ inhales ] [ coughs ] >>> a fatal head-on crash in the delta shut down the westbound lane of highway 12 between interstate 5 and the rio vista bridge. the chp does not expect it to reopen for at least an hour, until about 1:00 this afternoon. a delivery truck hit a big rig head-on. the crash killed the delivery truck driver. the big rig driver had minor injuries. >>> we have you this information this noontime about a car crash int
Sep 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
with some of the leaders including president karzai and i would say i came away with a bit of the sinking feeling that the aspirations to create a security climate that is more stable were not -- to the extent that long-term political stability could be achieved. [inaudible] >> our commitment is very strong. the question is is the afghan commitment strong and i was clear most of the time when i was there and some of our pressure and particularly over the electoral process when we tried to support the independent electoral commission by all sorts of people. this wasn't president karzai but all sorts of people trying to manipulate the results after-the-fact from mps to power groups to powerbrokers. i don't think -- by a long way in this respect so often there was resentment by foreign ambassadors and foreign governments trying to support independent electoral commission said trying to support a rule of law. it was an absence of commitment on our part. sometimes you have to have a goal with a political reality and know when to go back and know when to push so i think we were up again
FOX News
Sep 13, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, from egypt to afghanistan. karzai postponed a planned trip to norway following backlash over the video. conner powell, our man in kabul, afghanistan. conner? >> karzai is not the only one concerned. security preparations are being beefed up across all of afghanistan. the afghan government tried to block the web site to prevent afghans from seeing that controversial video, but as of a few minutes ago, youtube was still available here in afghanistan. there are real concerns that we will see widespread violent protests similar to what we saw this past winters after copies of the koran were burned by u.s. soldiers. that left people injured. western organizations like the u.n. and u.s. embassy are taking security precautions. i spoke to one person at the embassy earlier who said it appears that army of western security contractors have descended into the u.s. embassy to provide security. >> shep: the view from kabul from conner powell. thank you. benghazi, days after the assault that killed the american ambassador, some people are taking to the streets with signs. not of hatred, but support
Sep 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
president hamid karzai called it a big step for afghan sovereignty. >>> mitt romney has repeatedly said, if elected, he plans to repeal the president's health care law. but in an interview with david gregory, he said he'd like to keep parts of the president's health care plan. >> there's a number of pieces of health care reform i'm going to put in place. one is to make sure that preexisting conditions get coverage. two is to have the marketplace allow coverage for families to cover their children to whatever age they like. and also would like for individuals to be able to buy health insurance on their own as opposed to getting it on a tax advantaged basis through the company. >> romney feels a voucher program will help medicare and make the program more cost efficient. >>> got to give him a hug. look at that. look at that. >> yeah. >> not something you see every day. president obama got a bit of a surprise during a visit to a florida pizzeria. the owner, 46-year-old scott manduzer, was so excited to see the president, he gave him a great big bear hug, lifted him off the ground. he's a r
Sep 5, 2012 6:00pm EDT
republicans and democrats agree with president karzai of afghanistan's assertion that all american combat troops should be out of afghanistan by the end of 2014, but that depend on afghan security forces being able to pick up the load with the assistance of american and nato advisers. that relationship between the american advisers and the afghan troops, trust is absolutely essential to that working out. and so these specific problems with the afghan local police are not strategically decisive, but the relationship between american advisers and afghan troops, not just through 2014 but for probably a decade afterwards, that really matters. >> warner: based on your experience what, are the difficulties training indigenous forksz especially so quickly, so hugely. i mean it's gone from 100,000 five years ago to 350,000. >> so the basic problem in afghanistan-- there are many-- one of them is that we're working in a country that's really been devastated by 30 years of war. so the human capital really isn't there. in iraq, the soldiers knew how to read. they didn't know how to fight. in afghani
Sep 17, 2012 2:30am PDT
security forces in so-called insider attacks. meanwhile, afghan president hamid karzai is denouncing a series of nato air strikes early yesterday that killed at least eight female civilians. nbc is live in kabul this morning. atia, what is the very latest on all that's going on there? >> reporter: good morning, willie. today we saw our first violent protest when it came to that anti-islamic movie. they've ended fairly peacefully throughout the country, but today outside the capital of kabul, several hundreds of protesters were trying to make their way into the city. they were in an area where nato bases are located as well as private western security companies. they were throwing stones. they had weapons. they set two police cars ablaze. they were even throwing stones at the police officers themselves. so obviously, this is a very angry crowd. there are riot police waiting outside of the u.s. embassy here just in case they can make it that far. but obviously, this has been a deadly weekend otherwise when it even goes beyond just the protests. the taliban also using this movie to their
Sep 18, 2012 7:00pm EDT
afghanistan. i think the president said out in 2014 and that changed reality. karzai has been a political disaster. the packs, the central republics. everybody has said how do i survive. we are doing the most dangerous of military strategies under pressure. we are 870 miles from the ocean and u.s. navy. i think the strategy is flawed and has to be rethought. we are not going to be able to stay until 2024 with disbursed packets of american trainers and in tell and special ops. we just lost 8 u.s. marine corp jets and the commander was killed in that attack 24 hours ago. so i was glad to see general demp see stand up in public and make a strong statement. dismayed when secretary panetta said this was the last gas from the tag btaliban. >> general thinks we are going to leave early. the question i have for you is how is this going to be seen in the rest of the arab world? >> it simporn important to real this is a disaster for obama. in 2008 he said this was the bad war but both wars have turned out to be a disaster. iraq is looking better than afghanist afghanistan. >> if the u.s. leaves, ho
Sep 21, 2012 1:00pm EDT
bit of trouble right now. >> absolutely. let's talk about the karzai regime, shall we? i want to ask you, how important was this symbolically? was it important to show some commitment to the karzai regime to the country? >> well, absolutely right. you know, this all was to give them the time. the karzai regime, the afghan government, the afghan military emerging and fragile as all of it is and very much acknowledged to have a lot of corruption within it. this was supposed to be enough time to give them to get their act together, to -- for the afghan government to really present itself as a legitimate government. so what do you get after all this time? well, about 70% of afghans are now living in areas, we're told, where basically this transition to afghan zarchlgts imagine this. your put your car in park and leave it and then it starts to roll. that is an issue facing owners of more than 400,000 general motors vehicles. today g.m. recalled the chevy malibu, saturn aura, and the pontiac g6 for model years 2007 to 2010. again, the chevy malibu, the saturn aura, and the pontiac g6 model
FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 8:00am PDT
what we started. helping afghan people remain focused on central government, hamid karzai and democracy and everything. the idea if we train the folks the ones when we leave in 2014 will be able to sustain that effort. the whole cornerstone of the effort is jeopardized by the fact that we had to suspend all training as of today. jenna: with very ever done that before with troops in the land of our enemy and seen proof that it works? >> that's the interesting thing. i, right here on this show with jon scott i predicted three years ago we would see this infiltration of the military and that we would see this happen. others have predicted it as well. the problem is this, there is ways of doing this, the way they have been doing it isn't working. during the '80s we brought units out of latin america where we trying to help those countries build secure democracies and we helped build unit cohesion. train the trainers that is only option we have left. we have to take the guys, people we want to creates a the security force, move them to germany. give them skills. oh by the way, most
Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
president of afghanistan karzai we basically helped get in power. he stays in power probably because of our presence there. yet he's disdainful of us. they have said if there is a war with pakistan, karzai said he would side with pakistan. when there was a shooting recently where an afghan policeman shot several of our officers in a government building where they shouldn't have been armed or weren't armed, karzai's response was to talk about the burning. co-ran as -- koran as though it was a justification for the deaths. when the rights erupted? are what were the words out of president morsi in egypt? the words were how dare america produce this film? america didn't produce the film. not that we should protect the embassy and that really there is no justification for attacking an embassy regardless of any discussion over this movie. but we have to figure out how do we get and retain valid allies? we do have allies we don't give money to. but too often through the years we have decided to choose one dictator over another to choose the lesser of two evils. ultimately often we've had to go bac
Sep 13, 2012 6:00am EDT
confrontation with israel, iraq is unravel elg because we didn't leave the residual force. karzai is acting more and more aberrational. the president of the united states has not said a single word on behalf of the syrians, 20,000 of whom have been massacred. >> the point we keep hearing from -- in republican circles, that a deferential policy or policy of appeasement or apology, it's hard for me to really connect the dots on such a volatile place, that there's a cause and effect there. is it political or is there something to that? >> i don't think it's appeasement. i think the president of the united states does not believe in american exceptionalism. when a million and a half iranians were demonstrating in 2009, obama, obama, are you with us o or with them, he did basically nothing. in the face of the 30,000 killed and massacred in syria, there's no leadership. in the case of iraq, we should have left a residual force. i can tell you it's unraveling, the latest being maliki allowing iranians to overfly iraq and bring weapons into syria. that's one of the influences there. what i'm
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 1:00am PDT
. in afghanistan, where more than 2,000 americans have been killed, the government under karzai remains corrupt and largely unrespective in protecting americans. many afghans openly support the taliban and are 11 years in that country has been frustrating, to say the least. in iraq, that country is overly defying the usa and the world, continuing its nuclear weapons development. no question iran is america's most dangerous enemy. in egypt, the muslim brotherhood now controls the government, anti-american demonstrations are commonplace. the egyptian government failed to protect the american embassy, which was looted this week. despite that, the usa continues to send billions of dollars to egypt. in yemen, the weak government there cannot control the terror group al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, which is headquartered in that country. anti-american demonstrations are breaking out in yemen driven by the jihaddists. libya, there is chaos and the weak government there obviously cannot protect americans who are in the country. ambassador christopher stephens was a long time friends
Sep 14, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. president hamid karzai trying to limit access to the youtube by people in his country. but, you know, most of the people i'm sure if you asked in sudan, or in yemen, have you seen the innocence of muslims, probably most of them haven't even heard of the title of the film. it is much more than about a single film. it is about some of these extremist groups being very able to organize people quickly, in order to mount attacks and demonstrations against u.s. interests. it is also about the fact that the u.s. is still extremely unpopular in these countries, even countries such as libya, in some parts, at least, that benefited so much from the u.s.'s involvement with nato forces that eventually -- that eventually helped that country rid itself of its long-term dictator. so, don, it is about all of these things, and about these groups. we have to put this in perspective. this is in a million people in tahrir square, the number people who protested against, for instance, hosni mubarak. we're talking a thousand people here. a lot of them young men, disenfranchi disenfranchised, probably
Sep 22, 2012 6:00pm EDT
are using this for their own purposes. and not just extremists, by the way. president karzai, the president of afghanistan, drew attention to the film mocking the prophet muhammad many days before he made any mention of the fact publicly that he was sorry to see american diplomats being killed in libya. so even mainstream muslim leaders are sort of, i think, adding to the furor that's going on. >> as you know, peter, the u.s. embassy in islamabad, pakistan, have released these psas, public service announcements, with statements from both president obama, secretary of state hillary clinton, condemning that anti-muslim video. do you think stuff like that really has an impact on the streets of the arab and muslim world? >> reporter: i don't know. but the worst it can be, it doesn't hurt. the fact that they're in the most widely spoken language in pakistan, the fact that they're saying, the u.s. government is not behind this film, i think that's a very good message. at the end of the day, the president and his top advisers are responsible in particular for the safety of people working
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Sep 16, 2012 9:00pm PDT
now? >> the state department long relied on security. president karzai had attachments and after that had former seals private security. a lot of the leaders don't trust the people. what they want they want people that can trust and they bring in a lot of americans. >> what is going on in afghanistan? are troops killed by afghan police uniforms? >> i think that's a failed policy. if you have the people you are training turning the weapons on you it is a real problem. what you have to do is stop the program for a bit. you have to do a lot better at background checks and the people you are training which is very, very difficult in afghanistan or any other part of the world. but you can't -- can't have 50 deaths attributed to people who are training indicate that the training and/or the people you picked to train is knotted working. unfortunately i think it's a failed policy. >> final yes or no captain nash. the war being perceived what do we need to do now, that's not a yes or no but what do we need to do quickly. >> right now the mean is we want to work with you. no. we need to change
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